Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Talk Art Tuesday

I followed a link to a fantastic New York Times article that someone posted on Facebook today. The article talks about "pop-up galleries", which are essentially temporary art galleries created in empty shop spaces. I have heard of an artist here and there negotiating some retail windows for a week or two, but didn't realize creating temporary galleries had actually become so common that they have a term for them!

With ecomomic times the way they are and about a zillion empty retail spaces out there, it makes sense to try to negotiate an agreement with a few forward thinking landlords. It's certainly something I am going to look in to!


  1. Wow Jolie you are full of interesting information at the moment!!

    I had noticed a few closed shops in a town near us had got displays of art in their otherwise empty windows, I hadn't thought of how they got there!
    Sounds like a great idea.

    Micki x

  2. That is a really good idea! I wish I had the money to set something like that up :) Good luck to you



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