Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thumbs Up Thursday

I have had a Facebook account for a while now, but never really made use of it until recently. I didn't get it, didn't like it and just sort of forgot about it. However, with so many of my friends and family using it, it just made sense to give it another go. Not only is it a way to make sure I connect often with those who are important to me, even if only for a brief moment, but it is such an amazing networking tool. I don't know why I ignored Facebook for so long!

The next logical step was to create a Facebook fan page. I sent invitations to several of my Facebook friends and asked them to let their friends know about my fan page. That got me 26 friends and I really appreciate their efforts, but it's only a start. If I want my fan page to be successful, I have to be proactive and start looking for ways to build fans.

After a bit of research, I discovered I could get a custom URL if I got to 100 fans. This is important because it's easier to remember, I can add it to my business cards, and it's consistent with the rest of my JolieArt marketing. If I make it easier to find my Facebook fan page, it's more likely to grow, right? But how in the world do I get myself noticed out of the millions of people out there and get to 100 fans?

That's where 100 Network comes in. Their mission is to help small businesses get the 100 fans needed for a custom Facebook url. By posting your page on their wall, other businesses can fan it, which increases your visibility. The concept is that each business reciprocates and fans back, building everyone's fan base, and getting us all closer to 100. I posted on their page only 4 days ago and have more than doubled my fan base. If that continues, I'll get to the 100 I need for a custom url in no time and maybe even meet a few potential customers along the way! 100 Network was a brilliant idea and I think it definitely deserves a thumbs up!


  1. You have a lovely blog!! Your work is very beautiful and sweet!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  2. Hello, Jolie! Thank you for the info about the Facebook url. I had no idea! Facebook is not the most user-friendly, so I appreciate the pointers!



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