Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

I began this painting by loosley creating the basic composition in black paint. I then filled in the table with black and randomly scattered black around the top part as well and dry brushed black withing the flowers and vase. I usually work dark to light, but in this painting I mixed it up a bit. I added a bright red on the table and filled in the areas on top that didn't have black in them. When the red and black layers were completely dry, I added a bright green over the background. I applied thick paint with a fairly dry brush, so the texture would really show. I then added a darker red on the table, vase and flowers.

Next I began to build the flowers up, applying more dark red paint, then a brighter orange/red with my fingers. I left hints of the dark show through the center and applied the paint in semi-circles to subtly give the flowers a rose shape.

Finally, I added a bright blue, then some of the same blue mixed with a tiny bit of white. Because it was applied over dark colors, it makes the blue appear very bold and rich.

Here's a a close-up, which really shows off the texture!

And here's the finished piece with plenty of favorite color!

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