Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Talk Art Tuesday

Tonight I have been making a video tutorial. Though it will definitely need some editing, teaching art is much more in my comfort zone than just talking on camera, so it didn't take 32 tries this time around like my video announcement did the other day! I sure had a lot of trouble remembering to keep the project in front of the camera though! At the moment, it's very, very long, but when I get it edited I'll post it here and on youtube. I don't want to give away exactly what the project is, but here's the tiniest of hints...it's a recycling project.

So for inspiration tonight, have a look at the work of Kieron Williamson, an artist from Norfolk. Once you see the quality of his work, it's hard to believe he has been drawing and painting for only a year. His progress and understanding of light, perspective and scale would be impressive for a person of any age. When you realize that Kieron is only 6 years old, it's shocking, but in the best possible way!


  1. Hello, Jolie! I am so excited to see an art tutorial from you. A recycling project? That sounds like such fun! When will you post it?

  2. Wow i'd never heard of that boy before, his work is stunning!! I might have to start training my kids ;)

    Micki x

  3. Way to go with your video's. Glad you are more relaxed with them. They can be a bit daunting!
    Thank you for coming over for your visit!
    Great give away also! I am going to place a message, such a beautiful painting!



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