Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thumbs Up Thursday

While getting my daily Youtube fix, I came across Florida band, Boyce Avenue. I have been subscribed to their channel for a while, but had forgotten about them and hadn't watched their videos in ages. After listening to their music again, I don't know how I could have ever forgotten...Boyce Avenue is amazing! I love the accoustic guitar and the lead singer's earthy voice. Boyce Avenue have many great covers, as well as a few of their own originals on Youtube, so I had a really difficult time choosing just one song to share.

Though they have certainly made it big on Youtube and have fans all over the world, they aren't superstars just yet. So imagine my surprise when I discovered Boyce Avenue is playing here in Belfast in just a few weeks! Besides the obvious thumbs up for Boyce Avenue, I've got to give a thumbs up to Auntie Anne's for bringing this fabulous band to town. I hope I can still get tickets!

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