Sunday, 13 September 2009

Solve it Sunday

Today was a great day! For at least the 4th or 5th day in a row, the sun was shining, which is a rare occurence in Ireland. Sales were great at The Artisan Market and to top it off, two of the nicest guys bought one of my floral originals and one of my favorite prints. They moved here from the USA a few years ago, and as it turns out, one of them grew up only 30 minutes from my hometown. Talk about a coincidence! Given the size of the USA, it's a real shocker to run into someone from my area when we are halfway around the world. Thomas and Gustavo are major art enthusiasts, are so friendly and funny and were just great to chat to. Today's puzzle is the floral painting they chose. Enjoy!

Click to Mix and Solve


  1. glad you had a successful time at the market!
    The sun has been shining every day for a couple of weeks here too, which is a miracle considering the horrid summer we had.
    I won't even click on your puzzle, because they are so addictive, lol! I did the last two you put up :-)

  2. LOL...this is the first one I haven't done yet, but I'm going to now. I can't help it. It's a few minutes of mindless fun.

  3. Oh my, I really do stink at puzzles! It took me 6:44. I was interrupted by the phone, but I wasn't on any more than 15 or 20 seconds, so I can hardly use that as an excuse!:)



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