Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Talk Art Tuesday - Standing out from the Crowd

Today, I stumbled across a blog post by Celeste Rockwood-Jones that got me thinking. On her blog she has gorgeous pictures and generously offers a free pattern for making paper fortune cookies. She used them to create lovely Valentine messages, but I have something else in mind.

We all love fortune cookies, don't we? We know they rarely say anything that makes a profound difference in our lives, but it's fun to break them open and see what you are going to get anyway. It's that element of surprise that is so great, so I have decided to take this concept and run with it!

I'm going to create a bunch of lovely 'fortune cookies' using scrapbook paper, but rather than inserting a fortune, I'm going to use them to market my work. I'll put a bunch of them in a bowl when I do the Artisan Market on Sunday and let shoppers choose one. They will contain various offers, such as '10% off any print', 'Buy a necklace, get a ring free', ' 20% off when you commission a painting', etc. It will be a great way to offer value wrapped up in a package of fun. I will also include some free stuff, such as 'Congrats! Choose any bookmark.'

I think this is a creative way to stand out from the crowd and will make people remember me, whether or not they choose to purchase any of my art that day. It's a concept that I can modify as well. Perhaps I can make origami pumpkins at Halloween (is there such a thing?) or mini Christmas cards that shoppers can dig out from a Santa Sack.

I'm terrible at learning from patterns, so I found this simple tutorial on youtube.


  1. Great idea Jolie! I know your customers will appreciate it, and it's nice to stand out from the crowd.

  2. What a fanastic idea!!! You are very inspirational with your marketing!!! I think that those special offers will work very well!!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I experimented a bit tonight on various papers and think I have found the perfect one. I'll take a photo of my bowl of 'fortune cookies' at the market and post it next week.



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