Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thumbs up Thursday...Facebook Ads

After doing lots of reading and research on Facebook ads, I decided to place my first one yesterday. With only 80 x 110px to make a strong visual impression with, I needed images that still pop, even when tiny, plus a noticable brand. I chose a few of my stylized girls and shop logo.

I chose a title based on a sale I currently have going on in my shop because I feel it's an attention getter. I was going to have my landing page as my special offer section, but decided against that and made it link to my main shop page instead. I did, however, feature my special offer listings and arrange the other ones to be at the top of the landing page.

I wasn't sure whether to pay for impressions or clicks, as I have read pros and cons for both. Some people swear by impressions and others will pay only for clicks. I decided that I should try both out and make my own decision. So here is the exposure I got for less than 1 day of ad time.

Total spend: $16.78
Total impressions: 51,566
Total clicks: 40
Average cost per click: 0.42

The beauty of Facebook ads are that they are shown to people who already have an interest in what you are offering. I know people who looked at my ad are interested in art, paintings, prints, etc based on the filters I chose. My Facebook ad hasn't resulted in any sales as of yet, however, 40 people who didn't know about me yesterday are now my potential clients. Most people don't buy art spontaneously and I could have easily spent a few hundred on a magazine or newspaper ad that wasn't as tailored to a specific audience and that wouldn't yield any better results. I still have plenty of experimenting to do with my Facebook ads, but I think their potential to reach your desired audience is huge and they deserve a big thumbs up!


  1. Great post, you are certainly pulling the right moves. Keep going! Thank you for sharing your found sales boosting ads. Hope you get the sales through your shop and your away!

  2. Wow I think it's so fantastic that you are really putting yourself out there!!! Maybe one day when I get my confidence up I shall give it a try too!!! Oh and I love your new piece that you posted in progression. It was great to see how you work and the end result was lovely and vibrant!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the information. Please keep us posted on how this develops.
    Your ad looks very eye catchy, you did a great job there!
    Interesting to know about the filters, I participated in the keyword advertizing once and it did not have that feature, and I think this is much better!



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