Saturday, 5 September 2009

Simply Saturday

Today was my nephew, Maxx's, 1st birthday party (his birthday is Wednesday). The year has passed so quickly and I can't believe he is about to be one year old already! I live over 4000 miles away and sooooo wish I could have been there. I have been back home 3 times since he was born, but the distance is still so hard. I cried 3 times today already...wait, make that 4! I did phone during 'Happy Birthday' and sang when everyone else did. Someone recorded my friend on the phone with me, so someday when he is older and watches his 1st birthday video, he'll see that I was 'there'. Here he is with Mommy (my sister, Lanie) on the day he was born. Happy birthday, Maxximus the Mostimust (or as his daddy calls him, Lil Goo)!!! XOXOXO


  1. oh bless, must be so hard being so far away. Your love isn't far away, it is so close and deep. Happy birthday little one!

  2. What a lovely photo! It captures such a precious moment! I love that you sang to him over the phone, so sweet. Happy Birthday to your dear little nephew!



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