Sunday, 20 September 2009

Solve it Sunday

My student, Emma has been painting with me since she was about 4 years old (she's 8 now) and is enthusiastic about art each and every time I see her. We recently looked through her gigantic portfolio of art and boy, is it impressive! She has a body of work to rival any professional artist of 30 years. I hear she is working on a new piece and I can't wait to see it!

Today's puzzle is an impressionist style painting created by Emma when she just under 7 years old and it's one of my favorites. The view is of Belfast Lough, sketched, then painted while looking out of the window from her mum's 2nd floor office window. I always encourage Emma to take liberties while painting...after all, it is her painting and her imagination, so it can be anything she wants it to be, right? In this painting, I particularly love how she chose to include the train, but made it a shade of blue, so that it didn't detract from the sea she had so carefully painted. It was just such a well-thought out, mature creative decision and I think a very good one too! I wish I had taken a reference photo, so you could see her subject matter in real life. You can see more of Emma's work on my flickr.


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  1. Emma, these are GORGEOUS colours, lines and composition, and anyone would be pleased to have this hanging in their home. You're a gifted young artist, and I certainly hope you keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Love all these colors. So pretty.

  3. I love the Mixed Media Flower []on flickr. I'm even thinking of using it as wallpaper. Well done Emma!

  4. OMG... that's gorgeous! Very Van Gogh style. She's how old?!

  5. I enjoyed doing your puzzle and thought how lovely the painting was as I spent time putting it back together. My time is not one to put over the loud speaker...8+minutes!!

  6. I hope Emma never stops painting! It's clear how much she has progressed, and I'd love to see her work in about 10 years time. I love this one and the painting of the girl which looks like it was inspired by Jolie's girls :)



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