Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

This past Sunday at Sugahfix's Artisan Market, a mother and her little girl stopped at my stand. They were both all smiles as they oohed and aahed my work. As any artist will tell you, we put our heart and souls into our work, so it's such a thrill when people have such strong, positive reactions.

It nearly broke my heart a short while later when the little girl's smile turned to a frown. She was searching and searching through my paintings and prints. She picked up and looked all through my bookmarks, rings and pendants and couldn't find a single one that looked like her. You see, most of my girls have long hair, but the little girl had short hair. The few short haired girls I have done are in galleries and I haven't made any prints or other items from them. What an oversight!

So of course, I immediately started 3 short haired girls. When I am finished with them, I'm going to make some pendants and bookmarks out of the images, so that I don't break another little girl's heart. Here they are in the very early stages.

These are at my stand at the Artisan Market. I always paint while I am there, as it's a wonderful way to pass the time and people like the watch me work and chat about my process. If you look closely, you can see some of my materials and my very, very messy paint splattered table.

Here is a closer look at the painting I had on the table. Somehow I managed to draw her nose way wider than I wanted it with a pigment pen. Here's something I's permanent when you try to rub it off with water on fresh canvas, but takes about 24 hours to dry when you use it over paint. Handy at times, but sooooo annoying here. Oh well, I'll be painting over it anyway.


  1. How lovely. I love getting good feed back like that. It makes it all worth it. That's sad that there wasn't one for her though. Maybe next time She will be there again.

    We all learn from moments like these. So it's kinda good that these things happen to show us the way.

  2. Aww!!
    I had a comment at my last fair from a little girl who wanted one of my paintings but there were no black girls.
    I hadn't even realized at the time, so now I paint my girls in all different face tones and have had a much better response for it.

    Micki x



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