Monday, 31 August 2009

Art Market Monday/Giveaway Update

Kerry from County Antrim was the August giveaway winner. She stopped by The Artisan Market on Sunday to pick up her prize, which was her choice of one of my hand embellished prints. It's a bit hard to see the picture clearly, as the camera picked up glare from the packaging, but she chose Sophie, one of my favorite girls! Don't forget to enter for your chance to win in September! (See last Saturday's post for details.)

If you would like to see or purchase my work from the Montmarte Gallery, my work is now up on their website. Happy days!

As normal, I will be at Sugahfix's Artisan Market at THE OUTLET in Banbride on Sunday from 1-6PM. However, we are moving! From this coming Sunday, you will find us in unit 63, which is closer to the middle of the mall.

This week on Etsy, I will continue to list the new 5 x 7 inch paintings that I have been posting here on my blog, as well as a variety of prints. I was going to list some rings and pendants tonight, but all of my pictures turned out horrible! I should have known better than to try taking them without natural light. They are on special offer this week, so I'll definitely get them up tomorrow.

My SPECIAL OFFER this week is BUY ONE ring or pendant and get HALF OFF another. Special offers are available at both The Artisan Market and on Etsy.


  1. Wow Lucky Kerry!!
    Thanks for stopping by Jolie.

    Thank you Jolie! I think Susan Z's idea is an awesome one.

    I work in Blogger in Draft now instead of just blogger, I give up spell check, but putting in photos is a heck of a lot easier and the ones that are integrated are the smallest size. There is a little bar right under the photos when you put them in the post and you can make them do anything from the bar, much easier than the other way. You can also upload all of your photos at the same time and everytiem you click the picture symbol it pulls up all of your photos.
    And since you have a 2 column blog like I do, you have to make the pictures that go with the words small or they will come out in the middle or with no words near them. Does that help?

  2. Your Artisan market sounds like a lot of fun, I wish we had one round this neck of the woods!!

    Micki x

  3. Marie, thanks for the info. I had no idea you could do that! I never use spell check anyway, so I won't miss it. I have actually considered changing to a 3 column blog, but need to do a bit of research on how to do that.

    Micki, why not start your own? Ours didn't exist until a few months ago. It is organized by a local PR woman and a woman who has a prominent fashion website in cooperation with a very forward thinking upscale shopping centre.

  4. Sounds great Jolie, I may well have to look into it, I know a few local councillers so it mat be an idea to start there!



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