Sunday, 30 August 2009

Solve it Sunday

It was a week ago today that I committed to my new blog format and I must say, I'm pretty darn proud of myself! I have stuck to it and posted everyday and hopefully had a few interesting things to say along the way. I thought it would be really hard committing to blogging everyday, but it has actually been easier, because with a focused plan there has been none of the typcial 'What should I write about today?' dilemmas.

This week's puzzle is a painting that I have just listed on Etsy. You may have seen her recently when I posted new work, but not like this! Have fun!

Click to Mix and Solve


  1. I really like your art, and the puzzle idea is so much fun. First time I've seen it. Thanks for coming by my blog and for commenting. Hugs, Lynda

  2. Thanks LD! I find online puzzles so much more fun than regular puzzles. Strange, huh? I'm not any better at them though. I did my puzzle last week and it took me over 6 minutes...and it should have been easy because it's my own image! :)



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