Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have four 5 x 7 inch paintings on the go at the moment, each at different stages of completion. On the one above, I am working completely different to how I usually work. I generally start with a pencil sketch on the blank white canvas and build the skin tones up. However, this canvas was already painted entirely black, so I filled out the shape of the head and torso with white paint and will probably start creating the suggestion of facial features by shading. I'll draw the details in last with a pigment pen.

As you can see above, I am a very untidy painter. There are random bits of paint on one eye and in her hair, which was probably transfer from my hands from another piece. I never worry about that, or it disrupts my creative process. You might also notice that my girls normally have scrolly hair at the bottom, but I have been playing with various hair textures recently to give more of a layered look. I still have a bit of work to do on the hair below. At the moment, she looks like a hairdresser who has had too much caffeine got hold of her! I also intend to make her eyes a brighter violet and add a white dot for reflection, but other than that she is nearly done.

The piece below is getting there, but she needs more depth in her hair and skin tones, more definition to her nose and the reflection in her eyes. I am undecided about whether to add another layer to the background. The scanner didn't pick it up, but I am quite pleased with her shirt. It started out metallic purple, then I covered it with metallic green. It still wasn't quite there, so I dry brushed some of the color from her hair on and rubbed metallic gold on before it dried. The effect turned out a bit like verdigris. Its subtle, but very nice

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  1. i loved seeing the different stages of your beautiful artwork! thanks for sharing that with us! :)



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