Monday, 17 August 2009

Happy Accidents

I was working on a new girl recently. I liked the colors, texture and pattern and thought she was going well...until I picked her up and had a close look. Then I realized her face shape was really lopsided and her eyes were different sizes and very unevenly spaced in relation to her nose. I don't know how I managed NOT to notice unil the whole thing was nearly finished. Doh!

Before...she's a bit wonky!

I didn't want to completely scrap her, so I left her for a few days and came back with fresh eyes to make some adjustments. Rather than repainting her entire face, I decided to sweep her hair partially over her face, which made it easier to bring the eye closer to the nose where it belonged. I ended up with a very sultry looking girl and managed to salvage all the things I liked about the painting in the first place. Talk about your happy accidents!

After...much better!


  1. Ooo wow! I like what you did with it! She's beautiful! Nice work Jolie :-)

  2. I really like that you made her hair a little darker too it matches beautifully with her eyes :-) Always a pleasure to stop by your blog and see what's new!

  3. Oh, she looks very mysterious now! Like someone with a story. Some imperfections are meant for celebrating... such pretty work.

  4. She's beautiful both ways! Whimsical paintings don't have to be perfectly symmetrical (thank goodness, because mine never are,lol!) Anyway, love your painting style, gorgeous faces!

  5. Thanks everyone! Glad you like her.

  6. She really is beautiful,what a great mistake!!



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