Tuesday, 20 January 2009

One of my Favorite Artists

The painting above is one that I commissioned from Liz (image posted with her permission), who is known by her collectors as Primoriginals and can also be found under that name on etsy, youtube and flickr. It represents my sisters and me and I commissioned it because I live thousands of miles away and wanted something that made me feel closer to them everyday. Liz really listened to all the kooky stories I told her about my sisters and me. She translated those memories perfectly with lots of symbolism and colours that have personal meaning.

The best artwork isn't about the level of skill that the artist has (though Liz has heaps of that). The best artwork sparks an emotion...and I cannot begin to tell you how much this painting moves me. It's my most treasured possession and somehow brings me so much closer to my sisters. Well, darn it! I'm crying again, as I have several times since getting my painting. See? Sparks an emotion!

I didn't even realize Liz had a blog. You should definitely go and check her out, as her work is way too good to miss. There are so many of us (artists) out there and it can be hard to be seen in the crowd. I don't want anyone to miss out on all the beauty that is being created in the world, so I have decided that once per week I am going to post about an artist that I admire. I'm off to explore and see who I want to tell you about next week.

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