Saturday, 10 January 2009

Inspiration from Other Artists

I've wanted to do a monchromatic painting with just one shock of colour for a long time. I think of it from time to time and have even started a few. I always chicken out though and end up adding tons of colour.

Yesterday I saw this piece and several others in a collection by artist, Jodi Ohl and decided, "Right! I'm finally going to do it!" Her piece is simple in both colour and composition, and yet it is so interesting that I had to keep going back for another look.

This is my 1st time actually doing a monchromatic piece and I am very pleased. I used black and white acrylics, along with a couple of the gray tones in the Stewart Gill Metamica and Alchemy ranges. The background and the dress were done exactly the same way, except I rubbed Platinum Stickles on the background the subtlely separate the two. For the buttons, I glued card in a circle shape 3 pieces high, so that it would be 3 dimensional, painted them black and added a red acrylic jewel on each as a finishing touch.

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