Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My Youtube Video Fiasco

After chatting with a few other artists who have been posting videos on Youtube, I decided to go for it and recorded my first instructional video last night. I collaged and talked, gessoed and talked...painted and talked...you get the idea! I recorded for over an hour, planning to edit and cut it down to several videos. I had been so nervous about doing it, but it felt as smooth as any live workshops I do, so I thought I was actually going to end up with some pretty good video.

So after an hour of working away and explaining as I go, I played my video back to begin the edits. Guess what I forgot to do!? Come on...you know where this is going, don't you? Yup, that's right...I forgot to set it to record audio. Doh! I can't believe I didn't do a test run first. I'll either have to do the whole thing again on the next painting, do a voiceover or just put text in the video. Ah well, lesson learned.


  1. You made me laugh out loud! That is exactly like something that I would do. I love your artwork. You create wonderful texture which is something I'm trying to figure out how to do!

  2. Oh Thank you so much...I like the pink girl too.

    Secret about pink....................

    You can't have it too blue. You can have some cool pink but make it more warm..add yellow...Coral even...that makes it warm and not so stickie sweet stuck in your teeth!!!

  3. Hi Denise, thanks for your compliments. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE texture! As a matter of fact, creating texture is exactly what I was explaining on the video... LOL I'll be sure to post on the blog when I finally get it on youtube.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Deirdre! That actually makes sense, but never occurred to me.

  5. Dont give up jolie are you using windows movie maker if so you can add your audio over the top that might be a something to try as the video went so well ???

    crissi xx



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