Monday, 5 January 2009

A Couple of Night Time Paintings

I don't know why I haven't painted more girls at night. I did the one with the girl that is large in the foreground a few weeks ago and she is one of my favourites. I know, I know...they ALL seem to be my favourites! I can't decide. I am just loving this series.

Anyhoo...I got some new Stewart Gill paints today and thought they would be great for creating a dark, yet vibrant sky. I used a hint of black and white craft acylics with Liquitex Glossies in a dark blue and a medium blue. For the clouds I used a little white and the Stewart Gill Metamica steel blue and Alchemy genesis colours. I worked really fast so the clouds were integrated with the rest of sky. After it was dry, I added these fantastic tiny irredescent stars that I picked up a while back. I can't find any more, so I am dreading the day I run out! There are a lot of layers and details in this painting, so it took ages, but it was worth it.

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