Thursday, 29 January 2009

Goodbye, My Friend

I was going to work on a few paintings that I have on the go tonight, but I just couldn't find the enthusiam, so I watched TV instead. I'm just too sad. My sister called to tell me that my dog had died. I suppose technically, he was her dog now, as I had no choice but to leave him behind when I moved abroad. Still, everyone new he was my baby.

I had him since he was a puppy, but he was 14 and I knew he probably didn't have much time left. He was a maltese, a small breed, so I hoped he was one of those who would hang around until 16 or 17. He went peacefully in his sleep and he seemed happy until the end, so for that I am grateful, but I'm also sad. I loved that little dog like you wouldn't believe. I know everyone thinks their dog is the best dog, but mine was the best little dog ever. He was so cuddly and funny and such a flirt and I swear he had a cheeky grin! I don't care if dog experts say dogs don't smile, Bailey did. There will never be another like him.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your least he did not suffer and I bet he had a great life.

    ps. Are you taking Wayne's class, if you are how is it and which one are you taking? I am considering taking a class with her just trying to find out if I should.

  2. Jolie I am so sorry to hear your little dog passed away :-( It must have been so hard to leave him behind, but it sounds like he had a wonderful life, and was loved very much. It is a blessing that he did not suffer either.

  3. Thank you so much for your moral support. It was very hard to leave Bailey behind...I love my hubby dearly, but at one time they were nearly neck and neck as to who I was going to choose to live with! Knowing that Bailey was staying with someone who loved him as much as I do and that I could still see him occasionally made the decision easier. He was the best dog and I do think he led a happy life. Fourteen years with him and sadness now is worth it, compared to never having had him at all.

  4. Flor,

    I did take Wyanne's class, as well as Suzi Blu's and Altered Diva. I have signed up to Willowing's class as well. I think as a mixed media artist, it's especially important to learn as much from others as and when you can, as there are sooooo many directions you can take it. I've taken Wyanne's mixed media girls and her art play class. I recommend them both, but if you are going to choose just one, go for the mixed media girls. She has about 25 video lessons and loads of great ideas that I have been able to adapt and make my own. It's the next best thing to being in a room and working with people who have the same art interests as you do.

  5. I, myself, know what it feels like to loose a beloved pet, they are my babies...without them, my world would not go around. Maybe some day,a new little one will be lucky enough to be adopted by such a caring soul.



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