Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thumbs up Thursday

 As you are aware from my previous posts this week, I have been at Castle Mall in Antrim facilitating Art for Schools. While I was setting up for the first school this morning, a lady stopped by and asked to shake my hand. She said, "I just think it's a wonderful thing you are doing here and I wanted to say thank you for giving all these children such a lovely opportunity to make art." It was a lovely and thoughtful sentiment to hear! I would love to have taken the credit, but it's actually Castle Mall that very kindly invites me to come and have loads of fun teaching art all week and provides so many children the opportunity to come and create.

Castle Mall really supports families by understanding the value of providing creative opportunities for kids, so they deserve a big thumbs up! The kids have been working hard all week and have done such a great job, so I think they deserve a big thumbs up too!


  1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. The kids look very happy

  2. wow, this is so fantastic. I try to inspire kids to make art, as often as I can. It's amazing to see how proud they are when they've accomplished a piece of art.

  3. hi jolie! i'meleni from greece! your paintings are fantastic!!!i became a follower!



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