Saturday, 10 October 2009

Simply Saturday and October Giveaway

I am bone tired today! The hubby and I have both been fighting off colds all week and I think it's really taking it's toll on us. Neither of us has had the energy to do much tidying and the kitchen looks as if a tornado hit it. On top of that, I was painting in my jammies the other day and ran downstairs to grab some supplies out of a bag I had left sitting in the front hall. Of course, the postman picked that moment to I was bent over in my paint spattered jammies with the hole in the tush. Yeah, I'm that classy. I was horrified and hope that he just put the post through the door without peeking in! LOL Oh well, I was overdue for an embarrassing moment.

Just a reminder, my giveaway for an original painting is still open for entries for a few morew weeks. Visit the original post to find out how to enter the prize draw for a chance to win the 5 x 7 inch painting on canvas shown below.

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  1. Heh heh. At least you did not have to open the door. I had a friend arrive unannouced 2 days ago. I doolng around, have not taken a shower yet, did not brush my hair... door bell. Eh... hmm.... Okay, I am going to open the door, and you have to come in and sit there and until I make myself presentable, ok?
    Not exactly the friendliest greeting, but I did not see another alternative :-)



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