Saturday, 3 October 2009

Simply Saturday

I've been watching videos on Youtube all week as I paint. You've heard me mention how much I love it before, though I previously tried to deny that I have a Youtube addiction. When I hit 5000 videos and my best friend threatened to stage an intervention, I swore I could stop anytime. When I got to 5500, I said, "Hey, the videos are all less than 10 minutes, so it's really like I have only watched 916 one hour TV shows. That's not so bad, right?"

I have now seen 6,264 videos and the other day I actually watched "The Making of a Male Model", a movie from the early 1980's starring Joan Collins and Jon Erik Hexum. It was unbelievably cheesy and soooooo predictable, but Hexum had his shirt off for the majority of the movie, so I sat through all 9 segments of it. So yeah, I have a Youtube addiction, but I have decided to embrace it...and maybe I'll go watch "The Making of a Male Model" again.


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  2. tell your friends there is nothing wrong with watching Youtube, especially since you paint while you do it. I think I may be up there with you on your addiction, lol! I love Youtube!! you can find anything there. And it's great for movie trailers...I may have to attach a video to my next blog post :-)

  3. What is it about Youtube that is so addictive?! I'm right with you, my friend! Although, I am impressed that you can actually paint while watching. :-)



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