Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Starting Fresh with a New Plan and a Time Lapse Painting

It's been a long time since I blogged. Though my blog had a consistent format, I made a few mistakes when planning how to execute it for the long term. There was a theme of the day, 7 days per week, which should have been easy peasy to maintain, right? Afterall, once you know what you're writing about, the rest falls into place. Sure!...except when something unexpected happens. All it took was a bout of pneumonia to knock me off track. It was easy to think, "It's only one day, nobody will miss it for one day." But then another day passes...and another...until finally, it's been months since a new blog post appeared. I just didn't know how to get started again. I finally decided I just have to dive back in.

So yes, I'm back, but with a better plan. First off, I'm going to create blog posts in advance and schedule them to post automatically. That way, if something unexpected happens, I'm not letting myself, and more importantly, my readers down. Second, I'm going to re-evaluate my format. Do I really need 7 posts per week? Should I keep my current daily themes, but alternate them with 4 one week and 3 the next? Should I change the subjects I'm writing about altogether? I'm not sure yet, but I think that's OK. Every plan needs to evolve and adapt, so I'm just going to roll with it.

So without further ado, here's my first Work in Progress Wednesday post in ages! The video below is a time lapse painting of my Packer Fan series. This is Part 1 of 5, but you can find the other 4 parts by following the link to my Facebook page. I'd love to know what other types of videos you like to watch. What would you like me to make and post next?


  1. Nice to hear fom you.:) You post whenever you feel like you have something to say. Love the video and the painting. :)

  2. The video was fun to watch. For me...I like to blog on Mondays & Fridays. If I happen to have time or something to share tue, wed or thur...I will.

    Good luck with it : )

  3. Really loved watching this, something different. :-) X X X
    Thanks by the way :-) x

  4. Thanks for such a warm welcome back to blogdom! I love watching time lapse painting videos too, so I knew I had to make some myself. Glad you enjoyed it. :)



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