Sunday, 12 April 2009

Two New Etsy Paintings

Now that I have FINALLY jumped on the Etsy bandwagon, I want to make sure that I am constantly adding new content, so here are the two pieces I added today. I realize that originals may be out of some people's budgets, so I am researching print options too. I bought some Daler Rowney printer paper, but I was disappointed with the results. My guess is it's my printer or the print settings I chose, so I will have to experiment some more before giving up on it.


  1. Your paintings are lovely and I wish you lots of sales on Etsy - I love the texture in your paintings and the backgrounds you paint. Cheers Val :)

  2. hi, i love your new girls! Good luck on Etsy Too!

  3. Beautiful girls.
    That little 'Tea rooms' sounds wonderful, I live in the Midlands (Leicestershire) and although in some ways it's quite English, for Tea room places you tend to have to go coastal!
    It's all students and coffee houses around here :(

    Micki x



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