Monday, 13 April 2009 amazing artist!

I love to collect art almost as much as I love to create it. I recently discovered PBsArtStudio on Etsy and have been continually drawn back to look at her work over and over again. I've commissioned her to create a special painting and am so excited! If you aren't familiar with her work, do make sure you go and look at her flickr or her shop. I have posted a sample of PBsArtStudio's work here with her permission. Don't you just love it!?


  1. her work is very cute i can see why you would love it. please show us when your piece comes in.

    smooches, steph

  2. Thank you Jolie, for mentioning my art! I'm so honored that you picked my art to portray your special piece!

  3. Thanks for sharing this art with us! I love it when artists share their favorite artists with artists, LOL!

    Jolie, your art so lovely as well!!! I especially love the pieces of the girls standing in front buildings. You are so good at composition.


  4. Visit my site for an award you deserve!!!

    Happy Days

  5. I just found her blog recently and I have absolutely loved everything i've seen so far!

    Micki x

  6. Thank you Jolie for visiting my blog. Your ladies are beautiful, and I like your exploration on texture. Lovely! Elaine : )

  7. Bust a move on over to my blog for your award.
    XoXo, Suzi

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments, guys...and for the awards, Shelley and suziart! I'll be sure to visit tomorrow and "pick them up". It's 1:23AM here, so I should probably be sleeping. :)



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