Monday, 2 February 2009

She's Finished...What's Her Name?

I finished the piece I was working on the other day and am really pleased with how she turned out. I love the texture and the colours are really rich. Now she needs a name. I now have over 30 pieces in this series and not a single one has a title! I suppose since the series has a french title (Les Femmes") perhaps the girls should have french names too. Hmmm...I think she might be called Emmaline after my student Emma, who also finished her painting today and is such an inspiration. Is that a real name or did I just make it up?


  1. Oh my God! She is absolutely GORGEOUS! Wow. Your artwork is so beautiful and says so much about you.

  2. What a beautiful painting. AND I saw you wrote "what to call her?" and 'Angeline' immediately popped to mind....then I read more and see you are considering 'Emmaline' - weird that the names are so close! beautiful banner art.

  3. Yes,your painting are beautiful.
    The subject i think looks like Hillary's daughter,Chelsea.
    What about the name Evelyn? I think she looks like one.

  4. Your art is AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!!! You inspire me. The colors and texture you use are so unique and beautiful. Have a great day!!!



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