Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Emma's Completed Painting

Emma is nearly done with her painting after many, many hours of hard work! Just a few finishing touches left to go.

What a lovely painting of a brown haired girl with pig tails, blue eyes and a great smile. Hmm...I wonder who she reminds me of? ;)

Recently, I posted about my student, Emma, who has been working on her own mixed media girl. She finished it yesterday after several sessions of painting...about 7 or 8 hours worth of work in total. Looking at her wonderful results, I'd say her time and efforts have certainly been worth it. My photograph doesn't do her beautiful painting justice, but I'm sure you can still tell what a brilliant job she did. I think her passion for art really shows in her work and I'm very proud of her.


  1. Wonderful new painting! Gorgeous rendition of Ms. Jolie's new series... Emma, fantastic use of color, GREAT job on the face and I love her little feet! :o) 'Well done' from the USA, Emma!

  2. WOW, both are so precious. Congratulations for the new artist Emma.

  3. Wow, what a proud little lady and with good reason. The painting is wonderful! Beautiful job, Emma. Thanks Jolie, for following my blog. Glad to have you along for the ride. Hopefully now that I'm back online, I'll finally get some interesting things posted.



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