Monday, 30 January 2012

Art & Craft Tutorial - Make a Money Box

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Supplies needed: empty snack container with a plastic lid, pretty leftover papers from the holidays, scissors, ruler, tape, felt tip pens, tray to keep your materials tidy. Optional: glue, elastic bands.

1. Cover your work area with an old tablecloth and put your materials in a tray to keep them tidy.
2. After eating your Cheeselets, Pringles or any kind of snack that comes in a container with a plastic lid, clean out the inside with a damp sponge. Try to avoid getting the outside of the container wet.
3. Lay a pretty piece of wrapping paper face down on your table. If you don’t have leftover wrapping paper, you can use any paper that you have lying around. I used paper that I had hand decorated and was leftover from a previous craft project.
4. Mark where you will need to cut the paper by using the empty snack container as a template. Set it on its side, mark the paper at the top and bottom of the container, then roll it several centimetres and repeat.
5. Use a ruler to connect the marks. You should end up with two straight lines (one for the bottom and one for the top of the container).
6. Cut along the lines.
7. Wrap the paper around the container and tape it together where the paper overlaps. My paper wasn’t quite long enough to cover the whole container, so I cut another piece to fill in the space. If you prefer, you can glue the paper on instead of using tape. You’ll need to secure the paper to the container with elastic bands and leave it for a few hours until the glue dries.
8. Use the felt tip pens to decorate your money box. I personalised mine with my name and added some flower doodles, but you can decorate yours with any design that you like.
9. Ask an adult to cut a coin slot in the lid with a pair of scissors.
10. Voila! Your money box is done. Now all you need to do is find a place to keep it safe and start saving those pennies!

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