Monday, 5 December 2011

Art & Craft Tutorial for Kids- Make a Beaded Decoration

These lovely Christmas tree ornaments may look fancy, but they are quick and easy to make. When Christmas is over, you can use them to decorate your room, hang them in a window or turn them into charms for your school bag.

Supplies needed: beads, wire, wire cutters, long nose pliers and tray or bowl to keep your beads in. All of these materials can be found in a craft shop.

1. When choosing wire for this project, get something sturdy, yet easy to bend. I like copper wire because it’s easy to work with and holds its shape well.
2. Ask an adult to help you cut a bit of wire. The wire should be about 8 centimetres longer than the size you want the finished ornament to be.
3. Pour some beads into a tray or a bowl. This will keep your beads from rolling around and falling on to the floor.
4. Bend the wire to make a big loop at the top and secure by twisting the wire around itself a few times.
5. Slide beads on to the wire until it is almost completely covered.
6. Grip the end of the wire with the long nose pliers to create a small loop. This will keep the beads on the wire. You may want to ask an adult for help with this step as well. Now your ornament is done and ready to hang on the tree!

For a fancier version of this ornament, try bending it into various shapes. Make it wavy, turn it into a circle or you can even twist several lengths together to create a star.

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  1. The star is gorgeous, thank you for sharing your beautiful idea. I love to put these bracelets on my bed posts, giving me an idea for along the brass bar. :) Julie

  2. Thank you! They're so easy to make and look absolutely lovely when you have several hanging at different lengths in a window. One of these days I'm going to do a bunch of them for the window in my studio.



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