Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Youtube too!?

Possibly the only thing I am addicted to as much as Etsy is Youtube. I can get lost for hours there and have no idea what I did before Youtube existed. I was just watching some Etsy marketing videos, clicked on the next one I wanted to watch and kablam!!! No video...Youtube is down for maintenance. OK, not quite kablam!!! It wasn't exactly that dramatic, but it sure feels like it. OK...fine, fine! I get it. They want to keep it running well, but couldn't they just call me first and ask when I wouldn't be watching? Thank goodness Etsy and Youtube didn't do that on the same day! I might have had to read a book or go for a walk or something. Just kidding, of course. I actually do love reading and just flew through James Patterson's "Sail" in a few hours the other day...it was THAT good!


  1. I hear ya! I've learned SO much from youtube. Sure, there are videos to make us laugh too (love them also!) but the 'how to' videos are awesome and it's helped me to get to know so many artists just a little bit better!

    Wish I had the courage to do something like that!


  2. Hi Jolie, thanks for visiting my flckr stream and your nice comments, I am so glad you like your paintings! I have been very busy with new paintings which I'll put up little by little but a few I have on a new site called www.solyene.com , thats where "Waiting" is. I named her that because she looks as if she waiting for her next assignment! I love love Utube but i try not to go too often cause i get so hooked to it, I can spend hours on it!I kinda wish I had courage to do that too like Darla!



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