Thursday, 17 November 2011

Art & Craft Tutorial for Kids - Snowman

I write an art and craft column for the fabulous family oriented magazine, NI4Kids. This project is featured in their November edition. Be sure to visit their website to see step-by-step photos of the project, as well as lots of other fun crafts to do!

With winter just around the corner, this fun snowman craft is the perfect way to start the season. The great thing about this charming character is you won’t get cold while you’re making him and he won’t melt if you keep him indoors!

Supplies needed: white card, orange construction paper, 3 pipe cleaners (2 black & 3rd may be any colour you like), 2 pom poms (any colour), scrap fabric, scissors, glue, tape, black felt tip, small paper plate, tray for materials

1. Cover your work area with an old tablecloth and put your materials in a tray.
2. Draw a circle on the white card by tracing around the paper plate with the felt tip. Place the tape roll on the card so that it overlaps the circle slightly and trace around it as well. Repeat this step at the top of the smaller circle, but trace around the inner part of the tape instead. You should end up with 3 slightly overlapping circles that look like a snowman.
3. Cut the snowman shape out and turn it over.
4. Cut a small triangle shape from the orange paper and round the edges slightly to make it look like a carrot. Glue it to the centre of the snowman’s head.
5. Draw two dots for the eyes and several dots for the mouth.
6. To make the snowman’s buttons, draw three big dots in a straight vertical line on the middle circle.
7. Cut a black pipe cleaner in half to make the snowman’s arms. On back of the snowman, tape the pieces securely in the middle circle
8. For the ear muffs, cut any colour of pipe cleaner in half and glue it around the edge at the top of the snowman’s head.
9. Glue the pom poms at each end of the pipe cleaner.
10. Cut a long, narrow strip of scrap fabric for the scarf. I used a disposable fabric rag from my kitchen, but you can use any scrap fabric.
11. Wrap the scarf around the snowman’s neck and tie it in a knot.
12. Cut a fringe at each end of the scarf.
13. To create “fingers”, cut a black pipe cleaner in half, then in half again. Starting a few centimetres from the ends, twist one of the small pieces of pipe cleaner around each of the pipe cleaner “arms”. Bend and twist the arms until they are in a pleasing shape.
14. Tape your snowman to the fridge or a window and enjoy him all winter long!

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