Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Lelia Broussard...Ya Gotta Love Her!

When I mentioned that I was going to write about artists that I admire, I really just intended to tell you about visual artists. Then I stumbled across Lelia Broussard on youtube. She was doing a very unexpected cover of "All the Single Ladies". You just gotta love someone who can take a Beyonce song and and make it her own...not an easy task! Her accoustic version is playful, unique and very clever. I can't get her voice out of my the best possible way. I've been playing Lelia Broussard's youtube videos while I paint for the last few days and it's having the most wonderful effect on my creativity. I firmly believe in supporting fellow artists, so I have ordered her CD. I can't wait until it arrives!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Emma's Completed Painting

Emma is nearly done with her painting after many, many hours of hard work! Just a few finishing touches left to go.

What a lovely painting of a brown haired girl with pig tails, blue eyes and a great smile. Hmm...I wonder who she reminds me of? ;)

Recently, I posted about my student, Emma, who has been working on her own mixed media girl. She finished it yesterday after several sessions of painting...about 7 or 8 hours worth of work in total. Looking at her wonderful results, I'd say her time and efforts have certainly been worth it. My photograph doesn't do her beautiful painting justice, but I'm sure you can still tell what a brilliant job she did. I think her passion for art really shows in her work and I'm very proud of her.

Monday, 2 February 2009

She's Finished...What's Her Name?

I finished the piece I was working on the other day and am really pleased with how she turned out. I love the texture and the colours are really rich. Now she needs a name. I now have over 30 pieces in this series and not a single one has a title! I suppose since the series has a french title (Les Femmes") perhaps the girls should have french names too. Hmmm...I think she might be called Emmaline after my student Emma, who also finished her painting today and is such an inspiration. Is that a real name or did I just make it up?

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Yes Is Just Around the Corner

If you have been following my blog, you'll know that I recently began contacting galleries in order to rebuild my presence in the art world. A few have asked to see my work and I got my first response back a few days ago. It was pretty typical as far as rejection letters go, "Thanks for submitting your work, but we do not feel it fits with what we are currently showing." Fair enough.

It would have been great to have them begging me to bring my pieces in, but I really wasn't expecting it. As an artist, I've got to be realistic. Most of the galleries I contact are going to turn me down, especially locally, as my work doesn't quite fit a lot of the local market. I don't mind though, because every "no" I get will bring me one step closer to "yes". I'd much rather have my work hanging somewhere that they expect to be able to sell it anyway, instead of another gallery "trying it out" and having it just gather dust. So tomorrow I am going to visit 2 galleries in person and contact another few via email. My yes is just around the corner...I can feel it!


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